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When double glazing was first introduced in Western Australia prices were high – up to as much as 4 to 6 times standard single glazed aluminium windows. With increased volume and competition uPVC double glazed window and door pricing has improved significantly. Europe have led the way in relation to double and triple glazing for many years now. In the United Kingdom for example, the minimum standard is double glazed windows – you can’t get single glazed windows over there! The cost of double glazing has reduced in recent times due to more people learning about its benefits and there being more of a demand for the products in Western Australia now as a result.

Many Australians are unaware of the benefits of double glazed windows and think air conditioning is the only answer to keeping their home cool in summer. Often in homes with single glazed windows, you can feel the heat radiating off the windows from inside the house when they are getting direct sunlight – this is significantly improved with uPVC double glazed windows. Although the initial cost of installing double glazing is more than single glazed windows, there is a major ongoing return on investment through savings on heating and cooling electricity bills.

How to get the best priced double glazing Perth?

If you know you want double glazing and want a reasonable price, then the first step is to deal directly with a manufacturer. There are plenty of middle-men out there that purchase windows and doors off manufacturers and on sell it to the public – cut out the middle man and there is no unnecessary additional mark-up on the initial purchase. At Climateframe, we manufacture windows and doors, but we also install for the general public so there is no need for the additional mark-up of a retailer – when searching around for a reputable company to deal with, be sure to ask if they are a manufacturer. Feel free to visit our manufacturing facility and showroom at 51 Innovation Circuit, Wangara or view our factory process video to see exactly how we make our windows and doors.

Another way to get the best price is to ask one of our team members to optimise the window styles from a cost perspective. We can even show you comparisons of different styles of windows at the same sizes, so you can compare the price for yourself.

Climateframe Double Glazing Perth Office

Cost and pricing guide

There are many variables that contribute to the overall price of double glazing, these include


The quality of the profile used to manufacture the window.

Some manufacturers use inferior profiles that are cheaper to purchase but carry the risk of breaking down in the harsh climate of Australia. At Climateframe we only use Kommerling profile in the manufacture of our windows and doors – outstanding quality materials that are tested for Australian conditions and guaranteed not to fail you.


The amount of hardware required to manufacture the window.

The more opening components you have in a window, the more expensive it will be due to the cost of hinges, handles and additional labour. Fixed windows are the cheapest option as there is no hardware involved in the manufacture.

The style of the window or door.

Some styles of window are more cost effective than others – for example, awning windows are cheaper than sliding windows as there is less cost in hardware and labour required to complete the manufacture of an awning window.

The size of the window.

The larger a window is, the more materials are used in manufacturing it, so it costs more.

The type of glass you choose

(tinted, low-e etc.) and thickness of glass (e.g. 6.38mm-20-4mm).

The colour of the windows.

Foiled profiles such as signal grey, anthracite and golden oak are slightly more expensive as there is more work in the extrusion of the profile while white and cream are the more cost effective alternative.

If you live in a bushfire rated area, depending on the level of the BAL rating, this can impact on the cost of double glazing as well.

The total cost to double glaze your home will vary depending on the number of windows you have; how big they are and what style of windows you want (e.g. Awning or sliding etc.) Recently we did a cost comparison with single glazed aluminium windows for a new build – the cost of single glazed fully installed was approximately $9,000 and Climateframe’s double glazed windows fully installed were approximately $14,000 for a small 4×2 home. The additional upfront cost is easy to justify with significantly improved quality products in the home and improved standard of living thanks to noise reduction and thermal efficiency.

Price-beat Guarantee | uPVC Double Glazed Perth

Price-beat guarantee

If you have received a comparison quote for the same products that we have quoted you on, simply present us with the comparison quote and we’ll beat it!

Turn-around times | Double Glazing in Perth

Turn-around times

From the initial point of contact, Climateframe can have one of our team members out to assist you within a day or two at a time that is most convenient for you. After the initial consultation, if you decide to proceed with your double glazing, we allow 2-3 weeks for the manufacture of your frames from the point of order and they are booked to be installed soon after.

How to make an enquiry for double glazing

There are a few ways to go about making an enquiry with us;

Visit our showroom and factory at 51 Innovation Circuit, Wangara and one of our friendly team members will show you our full range of products.

If you are building a new home and have a set of house plans but not enough time on your hands to come and visit our showroom, simply email your plans through to us and we can provide you with an obligation-free quote.
If you are unsure exactly what you want, the easiest way is to give us a call on 1300 859 394 and we can arrange a time for one of our team members to come out and assist you in the comfort of your own home.
If you know exactly what you want and have the sizes of your window openings handy, simply send us the information and we can provide you with an obligation-free quote.