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Why ClimateFrame for Double Glazed Doors & Windows?

Why should you choose ClimateFrame for all your Double Glazing Perth needs?
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Guaranteed Satisfaction

We take immense pride in offering the best-in-class double glazing Perth service that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say about us.

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World-Class Products

Climateframe prides itself not just on the quality of its service and experience, but the quality of its Double Glazed product. We partner exclusively with Kommerling (The leading brand in uPVC). We combine this with quality Perth manufacturing to provide an industry leading Double Glazed Product backed with manufacturing warranties and guarantees.

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Seamless Installation

Our job isn’t finished at manufacturing Double Glazed Windows and Doors. We ensure that you have a smooth and efficient installation by our team of experts.

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Quick Delivery

At ClimateFrame we value our customers time. If you have ordered your brand new set of double glazed doors and windows right before the Perth summer heat or chilly winters, we guarantee a quick delivery time within 4 to 8 weeks. ClimateFrame is the Perth manufacturer of double glazed units in our factory. This allows us to adhere to quick delivery deadlines.

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for Double Glazing Perth. We won’t be beaten on comparable products. Starting from the double glazed product itself to the installation and post-delivery service. Find out why ClimateFrame only has 5 Star reviews.

Best in Class Service

We know it’s not just about the double glazing and price. We realise you are buying our brand and quality. We know our customers seek a seamless, problem-free service!

Thinking about Double Glazing Perth, our customer service department is only one call away. We love all questions about Double Glazing and are happy to help!

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Climateframe Awards
Double Glazed Noised Reduction Window Manufacture Perth

Incredible noise reduction

Tilt & Turn double glazed windows open inwards and are flexible. ClimateFrame recommend these to people looking for noise reduction. These windows have multiple locking points around the window creating an air-tight seal. The wider frame ensures the best noise suppression (around 44dB reduction)


Good Heat in & Bad Heat out

ClimateFrame double glazing has a minimum of 7 chambers versus the just 3 or 5 from the other manufacturers using frames from other suppliers. This means minimum heat transfer IN during hot days and OUT when you have heated a room.

Where are we?

ClimateFrame is the source, we manufacturer direct from our factory in Wangara.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.
Our customers appreciate prompt, obligation free quotes,
and have rated us 5-stars!

Climateframe Double Glazing Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to double glaze a house in Perth?

    The cost of uPVC double glazing depends on the size of your doors and windows, the colour of the frame, the window style and glass type. Have a look at our Double Glazing Perth Cost guide here.

    Alternatively if you would like to get an estimate for your home or construction, drop us a message and get an obligation free quote.

  • Is Double Glazing Perth worth it?

    Considering the upfront cost of double glazed windows and doors, you might wonder if Double Glazing Perth is worth it? UPVC double glazing helps you significantly reduce your external noise and energy bills and creates an ambient environment in your room regardless of the temperature outside. It does not just pay off its initial cost financially but also makes your life far more comfortable.
    Book a consultation with us to manufacture the perfect double glazed units for your home.

  • What is an alternative to double glazing Perth?

    The only two alternatives to double glazing Perth are triple glazing (increased cost) and thermal curtains. As the name suggests, triple glazing uses three glass panes instead of one, tripe glazing is not cost effective at this time and doesn’t have the same improvement percentage increase as double glazing.

    Thermal curtains are just like regular curtains that come with an extra layer of special lining that assist to stopping excess heat and cold. However, unlike the efficiency of double glazed doors and windows that work better it's also not efficient in reducing noise or protecting your house.

  • Can you double glaze existing aluminium windows?

    You can double glaze any existing windows including aluminium ones. This process is known as a retrofit, where we simply remove and replace the existing window frames and panes. Regardless of the size and shape, our retrofit services are available for every property.

  • Can you double glaze the existing sliding door?

    ClimateFrame can come to you and take a look at any door or slider. We will find the perfect way to go about replacing a single pane frame with a double glazed one.

    Reach out to us today to get your sliding doors double glazed Perth.