Why Choose uPVC Double Glazing?

Energy Efficient/Cost Reduction

In this modern age of prioritizing environmental efficiency Climateframe’s double glazed windows and doors add significant value. Installing Climateframe uPVC products throughout the home reduces the need for excessive heating and cooling meaning there is less energy consumption and therefore lower power bills.
Significantly increasing the thermal efficiency of external windows and doors will reduce both cooling and heating cost in summer and winter.

Locally Manufactured

Climateframe manufactures UPVC windows and doors in Wangara, Western Australia. We utilise world class suppliers of profile and fixtures. All our products are manufactured for the hard Australian environment. We pride ourselves in outperforming our opposition in quality and delivery time . Some of our opposition companies import inferior products and have long lead times attached.
Having control of the manufacturing process allows us to offer a 2-3 week delivery from receipt of order.
Help support local business and employment by purchasing windows and doors manufactured locally in Western Australia.

No Cheap Imported Products

Climateframe does not import cheap and nasty products with inferior design characteristics. We advise consumers to ask if the product is manufactured locally. A short delivery time frame is a good indicator of a local manufacturer.
Utilising world class suppliers of UPVC profile is critical to long lasting, quality products. Our supplier has put much research into all of their profiles to ensure they have the durability to last in harsh climates. This is where TIo2 comes from, all products have been tested right here in Australia, Allunga townsville-QLD to ensure the perfect mix of titanium oxide which ensures the frames withstand our extremely high UV rating in WA.
Buying windows from overseas may be cost effective in the short term, but may not stand up to the conditions here in Australia for the long term and could potentially fail over time.

Incredible Noise Reduction

Significantly reducing external noise within the household has terrific lifestyle benefits. A restful night’s sleep improved sound from home entertainment systems and increased privacy from close neighbours are all benefits from Climateframe double glazed windows and doors. It’s interesting to note that double glazing using our system can reduce traffic noise by 46dB yet 10mm laminated glass only reduces the same noise by 38dB that equates to the same noise being perceived as half as loud by our ears???

Security Improvement

Everybody deserves to feel safe and secure in their home. Climateframe double glazed windows and doors are superior to traditional aluminium frames in relation to security. We would welcome a visit to our showroom to personally demonstrate the world class security features of our windows. We guarantee our customers will be impressed by our modern security features.

Increased home capital value

The value of the home will increase with Climateframe uPVC windows and doors. Our products are top of the range and provide a modern and sleek appearance combined with thermal efficiency and noise control. Our products are well suited in luxury homes but come with competitive pricing.

Modern, Sleek Products

All of Climateframe windows and doors are of the highest quality and offer a modern, sleek appearance which enhances exclusive furnishing and decor. Our products are well suited to a range of home environments. Contact us to visit our Showroom and Factory to see how we can assist you in designing your new project