Add a Sliding Screen Door and Frame to Your Home or Office with Custom Design and Installation

Sliding door frames are extremely popular with Climateframe customers. From sliding glass doors to sliding screen doors to combinations of both, home and business owners love these doors for their simple yet attractive designs and easy usability. Especially in homes and offices that have limited space, fitting standard hinge doors can be difficult. There also might not be enough wall space for both a door and a window, in which case a screen door installation can serve both functions in style.

Designing the Right Sliding Door for Your Home or Business

Due to the massive popularity of sliding door frames, Climateframe has doubled down on this type of design in recent years. We offer a range of different sliding door options. Some of these designs are clean, simple, and standard: for instance, you might be on the hunt for a basic glass sliding door for the exit to your porch, backyard, or balcony. We can provide a high-quality double pane glass door to meet your need. Since double glazing for windows is one of our top services, you can rely on us to provide a sliding glass door with exceptional qualities of strength and insulation.

We can build more complex sliding door designs to suit both your taste and your functionality and space requirements. For instance, maybe you want a screen door installation that includes both a sliding glass door and a sliding screen door frame. We can build combination sliding screen door frames that incorporate both options into one sleek door frame design.

We also offer what are called ‘stack and slide’ doors. These types of sliding door frames incorporate at least one fixed pane along with multiple other panes which can be slid and ‘stacked’ behind the fixed pane. These doors are especially popular with homeowners who love to entertain, and for restaurants or cafes with outdoor patios or alfresco areas. The stack and slide design makes it easier to maximise opening space to outdoor areas, effectively creating usable hybrid indoor and outdoor spaces.

We are happy to help you design any type of screen door and frame that makes sense for your home or business. We love helping clients maximise their living space with sliding doors, not just by eliminating the open/close trajectory of a hinged door but also by making outdoor spaces more usable. Whether you are building a new house or office from scratch or preparing a renovation that involves adding a deck, patio, pool area, or other outdoor living or dining space, Climateframe is the team to trust.

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