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Sliding Double Glazed Window  Climateframe

Tilt and turn Double Glazed Window Frames Climateframe
Sliding Double Glazed Door
Sliding windows double glazed sliding and stacking windows are very popular design in Australia in both homes and offices as they are very easy and convenient to use. Sliding/stacking windows are windows that have one or more fixed pane and one or more sliding pane, which rolls on a track inside the window frame to open or close. Sliding/Stacking windows can be designed to slide at either side to maximize air flow.
Tilt & Turn Double Glazed Window
Tilt & Turn double glazed windows are inward opening windows which tilt inwards from the top and also open sideways like a regular casement window. Tilt & Turn windows seal and lock on all four sides offering excellent noise reduction and security. The outside pane of glass can be easily cleaned making them ideal for second story windows.
Casement Double Glazed Window Frames Climateframe
Awning-style Double Glazed Window Frames Climateframe
Casement Double Glazed Window
Casement double glazed windows are side-hung and outward opening. They can open out to a range of 90 degrees and similar to the awning style window; be fitted with custom restrictors. They are perfect for allowing more ventilation into your home
Awning Double Glazed Window
Awning-style double glazed windows are top-hung outward opening. We have options for support arms and restrictors. Their modern style is a great way of opening up a room to allow for natural ventilation.
Hinged doors – Climateframe
Sliding Doors – Climateframe
Hinged Double Glazed Door

Commonly used as front a front door frame, our hinged doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit any modern and traditional home or building. As an added security measure our double glazed hinged doors are manufactured with quality reinforced locking mechanisms. Outward opening doors leave all the room you need to best utilize the interior space..

Sliding Double Glazed Window
Sliding door frames are very popular in both homes and offices that have limited space. We manufacture a great range of sliding door options which include one sliding pane and one fixed pane within a single door frame; or more than two panes in a frame with your own fixed and sliding pane configurations.

French Door – Climateframe

Stack & Slide – Climateframe

French Double Glazed Door

French door frames are similar to the hinged door, French doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit your configurations. French doors consist of Dual Sash opening inside the door frame with several options of side lights above or beside the openings. They serve as a perfect way of opening up your home or office

Sliding Double Glazed Door

Stacking door frames are popular for those looking to maximize an opening space to an outdoor alfresco area. Our stackers are designed similar to a slider, consisting of at least one fixed pane on either the left or right side with multiple sliding panes which stack behind the fixed

The Cost of Double Glazed Window Frames in Perth and Where to Find a Glazing Installer with High-Value Prices

In the not so distant past, many Perth homeowners were deterred from purchasing double glazed window frames due to the perceived high cost. However, even though prices have become more affordable in recent years, single pane windows still account for 85% of the market, with double glazed windows in Perth accounting for as little as 5%. Do people still think the cost of double glazing is too high for them to afford? Or, are people reluctant to invest in double glazing because they’re unaware of the numerous benefits it provides?

Many people in Perth and wider Australia think that double glazed windows are best suited to European houses, where temperatures are frequently very cold. The perception is that double glazing keeps the heat indoors and the cool air outside, but they actually work both ways. As will be explained in more detail later in this article, double glazed windows can minimise your energy bills and carbon footprint regardless of the climate.

At Climateframe, we supply and install some of the highest quality double glazed windows in Australia, which we’ve been doing for the better part of a decade. We want to help people modernise their homes while bolstering their energy efficiency and contributing to a cleaner environment. For that reason, we feel that part of our responsibility involves educating the nation on the benefits of double glazing, so keep reading to find out why our prices reflect true value.

The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows in Perth

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass that are supported by uPVC frames, which is one of the most hard-wearing and economical materials on the market. A natural gas is used inside the glass sheets which minimises the rate of heat transfer, and because many homes lose most of their heat or cool air through the windows, double glazing can reduce your running costs by hundreds of dollars per year.

Double glazing reduces noise pollution and minimises the risk of water damage. Double glazed windows are also easy to maintain and keep clean, and provided they’re professionally installed, they eliminate drafts. As you can see from the benefits detailed above, double glazed window prices are high-value because they can effectively pay for themselves in the long run.

We install double glazed windows that are manufactured using high-quality uPVC that is almost guaranteed to survive decades, and we cover all our products with exceptional warranties for your peace of mind. Double glazing is the norm in many parts of the world, including countries with warm climates, so if you want to modernise your home while making it a more comfortable and economical place to live, you should call a double glazing installer to find out how they can help.

Learn More about the Double Glazed Window Cost in Perth

At Climateframe, we aim to remain the most cost-effective installer of premium double glazed windows in the Perth area and we’re happy to survey your home to assess your unique requirements at a time that’s convenient for you. Call us on 1300 859 394 if you want to order your double glazing or would like to know more about the benefits of our products.