Double Glazed Sliding Windows Perth

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Sliding Windows

Climateframe’s Double Glazed Sliding Windows are one of 5 double glazed window options in our residential home range. Sliding Windows are an extremely popular double-glazing option in Australia.

Double glazed sliding windows are brush sealed, horizontally sliding style of window that allows an significant amount of airflow into your home whilst open. Climateframe Sliding Window are housed in a 67mm Kommerling outer frame, reinforced with steel for strength and rigidity, allowing us to manufacture 3m wide sliding windows, perfect for picture framing an external view.

Why Sliding Windows?

Sliding Double Glazed Windows are unique as they have a maximum 3000mm wide opening allowing you to incorporate a horizontal plane into your window design(s) whilst offering an incredible amount of ventilation into the home.

Another way sliding double glazed windows are unique in that they have upgraded security with two locking points as opposed to the one key operated through the handle. This can be enhanced even further through an Invisi-Guard Security Screen this can be organised through your Climateframe Double Glazing Consultant to discuss if this is a style of opening that would suit your requirements for design and security.

Sliding double glazed windows are incredibly easy to operate with a manual sliding handle with smooth sliding action for incredible ease of use. Consideration for efficiency should be made in your glazing option due to the brush seals being less efficient than their rubber sealed alternatives. Have a chat with your Double-Glazing Consultant to discuss if this is a style of opening that suits your needs and objectives with your design.

Functionality and Style

Design and functionality should be a key consideration in any Double-Glazed window retrofit, new build consideration, extension, or renovation. Windows in your home typically make up 33% of your home’s façade, meaning any change needs to be well considered with your overall technical, style and design needs. Luckily Climateframe have colour trained consultants that are experts in Double Glazing so get in touch if you are considering Double Glazed Windows in Perth.

Double Glazed Sliding Windows in Perth have 5 amazing colours to choose from, each offering something completely different in terms of their overall depth, style and contemporary look. Meaning that for any need Climateframe can assist to meet your exterior and interior design needs.

Function is equally as important (if not more so) than style double glazing in Perth must meet incredibly robust needs with heat and the cold. Climateframe as a manufacture of Double Glazing has access to 100’s of different glazing options, allowing us to assist your needs for noise or thermal efficiencies.

To see if a Double-Glazed Sliding Window would suit you, contact Climateframe.