Double Glazed Doors

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Double Glazed Glass Door & Frames Perth

Have you so far been put off installing new double glazed doors in Perth due to the perceived high prices? If so, did you know that double glazing could reduce your power bills by hundreds of dollars every year? Plus, the cost of double glazing has reduced dramatically since they were first introduced in the not so distant past. They’re much sturdier than single-pane doors, easier to maintain and they allow you to minimise your carbon footprint.

At Climateframe we supply and install quality double glazed doors in the Perth area and you can trust our experienced, qualified, and fully insured professionals for a flawless installation. We provide premium doors and windows to residential and commercial clients, and you’ll struggle to find better value prices than ours.

The doors frames that we supply are made from high quality uPVC, which many people agree is the most durable material used today to manufacture such products. Below, we explore the many advantages of uPVC and double glazing so that you can see why upgrading your doors are a worthwhile investment.

Aluminium Hinged Doors Perth

Hinged doors

Commonly used as front a front door frame, our hinged doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit any modern and traditional home or building. As an added security measure our double glazed hinged doors are manufactured with quality reinforced locking mechanisms. Outward opening doors leave all the room you need to best utilise the interior space.

4 Benefits of Double Glazing

PremiFold Doors

The innovative PremiFold door system is quite simply a revelation in the way in which you can maximise indoor – outdoor living without compromising on security.

Key features include:

– The clever way in which each sash moves independently of each other, allowing them to slide, swing and fold;
– The warmer touch and feel that comes with a uPVC product;

Double Glazing Sliding Doors Perth

Sliding Doors

Sliding door frames are very popular in both homes and offices that have limited space. We manufacture a great range of sliding door options which include one sliding pane and one fixed pane within a single door frame; or more than two panes in a frame with your own fixed and sliding pane configurations.

Double Glazing French Door Perth

French Door

French door frames are similar to the hinged door, French doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit your configurations. French doors consist of Dual Sash opening inside the door frame with several options of side lights above or beside the openings. They serve as a perfect way of opening up your home or office

Double Glazing Stack & Slide Perth

Stack & Slide

Stacking door frames are popular for those looking to maximise an opening space to an outdoor alfresco area. Our stackers are designed similar to a slider, consisting of at least one fixed pane on either the left or right side with multiple sliding panes which stack behind the fixed

Double Glazing Lift and Slide Perth

Lift and Slide

The Lift and Slide utilises a distinctive handle that lifts the sliding panel onto its wheels to operate the door. The sliding panel can be locked into position at any point along its track making it perfect to vent overnight for some fresh air without compromising the security of your home.

The Benefits of uPVC Double Glazed Doors

From making your indoors quieter to helping you save a significant sum of cash, here are the primary advantages of double glazing and uPVC. You’ll soon understand why double glazed doors can save you money on your electricity bill.

Improve Energy Efficiency with an Insulated Glass Door

uPVC Double glazing helps to minimise the rate of heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors, meaning they can help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your property year-round, regardless of the weather.

Bolster Fire Safety with a uPVC Double Glazed Door Frame

uPVC double glazed windows and doors when constructed in the appropriate arrangement complies with a BAL40 fire rating. The frames are non-combustible. Fire resistance is achieved when combining uPVC frames with specific glass and fly wire specifications.

Reduce Condensation and the Risk of Water Damage

Condensation, which single-pane doors and windows are prone to, can become a problem if the water droplets leak onto your door and window frames. If you’d rather minimise the risk of water damage adversely affecting your property, then now is the time to upgrade to double glazed windows and doors.

Minimise Noise Pollution

Double glazing adds an extra layer of soundproofing to your property, which you’ll appreciate if you live in a built-up area or next to a main road.

Call Us to Book Your Door Installation in Perth

By installing new, insulated double glazed doors you could shave hundreds of dollars off your annual energy bill as well as realise all the benefits detailed above, and there’s no better company to trust with the task than us. If you’d like to learn more about our premium-quality product offering, don’t hesitate to give our highly trained and friendly professionals a call on 1300 859 394.