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At Climateframe Double Glazing we are proudly an local West Australian manufacturer based in Wangara Perth. However to make the very best Double Glazed windows we source our “profile” (frame material) from a company called Kommerling. Established in 1897 by Karl Kömmerling® the company started producing uPVC (PolyVinylChloride unplasticised) in 1952 and started extruding window and door frames in 1967. KÖMMERLING® presents an extensive range of window and door profiles that are a clear cut above the competition. The KÖMMERLING brand attaches great importance to quality. It means not only the harmonised unity of the product range, but also the supervision of all product stages, whether research and development, production, design purpose, or ecological recyclability. For many years KÖMMERLING® has played a pioneering role in various sustainability related issues – such as recycling, the Zero Pellet Loss programme as part of the effort to keep the oceans clean and the use of energy saving equipment and energy from regenerative sources for production. Our modern, highly insulated window systems also make an important contribution to the achievement of climate targets and CO2 reduction. The uPVC extrusions division is marketed Worldwide as Kömmerling® C70 Window Profile. The base frame, like all frame parts is a complex extrusion in unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) with 7 chambers acting as thermal breaks to minimise transfer of heat, in or out. In the large centre chamber, Australian galvanised steel is fitted on all sides, as an ‘anchor’ for all hinges, locks and handles. The window frame is designed to slide on the base where required, open out for casement and awning windows and open in for the Tilt & Turn windows. It, too, features Australia galvanised steel inside the centre of all sides. With the same / similar base frame, our slider, stacker, hinged and ‘Slide & Turn’ doors have a larger frame for greater ability to handle the large glass units, and to provide smooth and trouble free, life long service. Our hinged doors, single or French double have 4 hinges per door, and all doors have multipoint locking mechanisms operated by the single handle. Our Premi76 door (the Ultimate Sliding Door) uses its own unique frames as it can be manufactured up to 2500mm high and 6000mm wide.

Understandably with COVID and the war in Europe wrecking supply lines across every industry you would expect some disruption. However at Climateframe we order our profile quarterly always ensuring we are never short on material. To ensure we always maintain an 5 – 6 week installation lead time for our clients, and to ensure there is no disappointment on installation day.

If you have any questions at all about our profile or you would like to see it for yourself then feel free to contact us and organise an factory tour or come and visit our showroom and check it out for yourself!