Window Installation and Window Frame Insulation in Perth – Advantages of Asking your Windows Installer to Install Glazed Windows

Are you renovating your home or thinking about building a new house? Windows are an important element in both the design and function of your home. They not only allow airflow and let in natural light, but they can also improve the aesthetics and make a decorative statement about your home. You can choose from many window styles.

When choosing windows, you have the option to install traditional single glass pane windows or double-glazed windows. These days homeowners prefer to install double glazed windows because of the many benefits they offer.

Benefits of Double Glazed Window Installation in Perth

Our Double-glazed windows are made using a multi-chamber German Upvc profile system extruded specifically for Australia and our high UV conditions. uPVC window frames are made to measure the space where they will be fitted. Completed double-glazed windows are delivered ready to be installed and because of the quality of materials used, and the construction method, double glazed windows offer several benefits over traditional windows.

  • Double glazed windows are a modern feature that will increase the capital value of your property.
  • The insulating qualities of double-glazed windows help to reduce costs. In winter double glazing helps to reflect heat back into the room, keeping temperatures constant and lowering your heating bill. In summer heat from outside is deflected from the windows, keeping it cooler inside and reducing the load on air conditioners.
  • Double glazed windows offer up to 4 ½ times better insulation than single pane windows. Better window insulation means less energy use, which saves the environment.
  • In urban areas noise from traffic, commerce and recreational activities can cause an unpleasant disturbance in your home. Double glazed windows can reduce noise intrusion into your home by as much as 44 decibels.
  • uPVC window frames need less maintenance and are more durable than traditional wood and aluminium window frames.
  • Double glazed windows are also difficult to break, safeguarding your home against intruders and our uPVC window frames are made with multi-locking systems for increased security.

Correct Installation is as Important as Double Glazing

Weather insulation and noise reduction are the two most tangible advantages of double glazed windows, but like water, noise and heat will flow through the gap between a double-glazed window and the wall if it’s not properly sealed. Quality window frame installation is essential to achieving results, which is why Climateframe we only use qualified and experienced double-glazing installers.

Climateframe manufactures double glazed windows at our factory in Wangara. By ordering from us, you support local industry. Our uPVC frames not only have a high-quality appearance, but they are also made using the best quality materials to ensure that they can withstand a high UV index and harsh Australian weather conditions.

Our team will assist you with every step of the process from selection to manufacturing and installation of your double-glazed windows. Contact us today for your window installation in Perth.