Why You Need Aluminium Frame Fly Screen Doors for Your Home in Perth

With more than 225 000 species of insects in Australia, flies are not the only bugs trying to invade your home. Whether you are best friends with nature or terrified of creepy crawlies, you probably agree that they belong outside. A fly screen door is the first line of defence against insects in your home, but during the heat of summer, screen doors can do much more than only keep out flies and mosquitos.

Why You Need Fly Screen Doors in Perth

In summer, the light shining through windows and doors attract clouds of mosquitos at night. When they manage to get in the buzzing not only disturbs your sleep, but their itchy bites also threaten your health. Mosquitos are carriers of diseases such as encephalitis and dengue fever. The best way to prevent getting sick is to avoid stings or bites by keeping them out with screens in front of windows and doors that can open.

When you install screen doors your home will stay cleaner too. Screen doors not only keep out insects but prevent dust and debris from blowing inside. Flies that get into the house alight on food and work surfaces, leaving your kitchen unhygienic. Carcasses of insects that die in your home can accumulate in hidden corners where they attract mites and bacteria which cause allergies and disease.

A fly screen door will restrict critter movement. A screen door keeps insects out, but it’s also effective against rodents, snakes and other animals that might decide to explore your home. On the other hand, if you have indoor pets, they can enjoy the breeze in front of an open door while the fly screen protects them from predators and prevents their escape.

A screen door with heavier mesh can double as a security door, offering you peace of mind by denying access to your home to intruders as well as insects.

Screen doors are an environmentally friendly option compared to cooling devices such as fans and air conditioners that use energy. Letting fresh air into your home through screens on open windows and doors will help to keep you remain comfortable in summer and at the same time save you money by reducing the electricity bill.

The Advantage of Climateframe Fly Screens

If your home already boasts modern, sleek uPVC windows and doors by Climateframe, you don’t want to spoil them with ugly fly screens. We can make an aluminium fly screen frame that precisely matches any double-glazed window or door, giving you peace from insects while preserving the aesthetics of your home.

Haven’t installed Climateframe double glazing yet? Not to worry, we also offer a range of standard aluminium fly screens and security screens to fit most doors and windows.

Our products are made of high quality materials explicitly formulated for Australian conditions. Because we do all the assembly at our state-of-the-art factory in Wangara, we can deliver custom orders within two weeks. Contact us today for fly screen doors in Perth.