Doors Perth WA

Hinged doors – Climateframe

Commonly used as front a front door frame, our hinged doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit any modern and traditional home or building. As an added security measure our double glazed hinged doors are manufactured with quality reinforced locking mechanisms. Outward opening doors leave all the room you need to best utilize the interior space.

Sliding Doors – Climateframe

Sliding door frames are very popular in both homes and offices that have limited space. We manufacture a great range of sliding door options which include one sliding pane and one fixed pane within a single door frame; or more than two panes in a frame with your own fixed and sliding pane configurations.

French Door – Climateframe

French door frames are similar to the hinged door, French doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit your configurations. French doors consist of Dual Sash opening inside the door frame with several options of side lights above or beside the openings. They serve as a perfect way of opening up your home or office

Stack & Slide – Climateframe

Stacking door frames are popular for those looking to maximize an opening space to an outdoor alfresco area. Our stackers are designed similar to a slider, consisting of at least one fixed pane on either the left or right side with multiple sliding panes which stack behind the fixed

Tilt & Turn – Climateframe

Tilt & Turn door frames are inward opening only and tilt inwards from the top, also open sideways like a regular hinged door. Tilt & Turn doors seal and lock on all four side offering excellent noise reduction and security. The tilt & turn double glazed door is a popular choice for those who require dual opening…having the benefits of a window and a door in one style.