Benefits of Double Glazing

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So, you are considering upgrading those 30 year old single glazed windows to UPVC Double Glazing? But not sure where to start? This page right here is going to give you all the basics that you need to start your double glazing research, and if it is right for you?

With double glazing commonplace all over the world, you may already have some experience with Double Glazing. But to keep things simple they are made out of two layers of glass with either air or a created gas vacuum space inbetween. Double Glazing was initially developed to provide superior insulation for residential and commercial spaces. Today we are going to focus on the residential application.

As mentioned above double glazing number one and original function is to provide better insulation that the traditional Australian 3mm single glazed window with an aluminium frame. A double glazed window will provide a better barrier and if installed correctly a better seal to reduce the amount of heat transfer (either way) from or to the home. This way your house will either stay cooler for longer in our harsh West Australian summers or warmer during the winter when you have the fire on. The superior insulation provided by the double glazed window will allow you to enjoy the seasons as they occur and reduce both heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

The second huge benefit from double glazing over their single glazed counterparts is noise reduction. Without even turning to an acoustic glass, standard double glazing provides an enormous step up in reducing noise, keeping either your conversations within your home or keeping those rowdy Friday night suburb parties from disturbing your well deserved sleep. They can also help if you live closer to a main road, train line or airport. When considering double glazing for noise it is really vital to discuss this with an expert. The team at Climateframe can offer advice on this and give you an indication on the noise reduction achievable for you in your situation.

When considering the cost of an upgrade in windows also take in the security benefit you will receive from the installation of double glazed windows. Double Glazing is much harder and way nosier to gain entry through and can provide an nice deterrent to the local crook. They are also significantly harder to force open from the outside, you can also utilise limited and/or toughned glass to take this a step further. If security is a concern for you and your home ask an Climateframe representative about security screens or increased number of locking points to give you more peace of mind.As mentioned above reduced energy bills, with better insulation you will need less heating or cooling to maintain a more comfortable internal temperature inside the home. As the double glazed windows reduce heat transfer from both inside to outside or outside to inside this means you will use less power over the course of a day or night, this translates to a significant reduction in energy consumption saving you hard earned Aussie dollars. Talk to a Climateframe representative about how to combine double glazing, solar and your air con unit for ultimate benefits.
Double Glazed Casement Windows Perth
A side benefit of installing double glazing is as it is still fairly new technology to Western Australia which makes your home more efficient and more comfortable to live in, it will naturally be more attractive to potential buyers. If you are selling your home remind your real estate agent that you have double glazing (you may be the only one on the street with it).Does your current windows suffer from direct sunlight? Currently you may have noticed that your furniture, flooring and/or belongings are affected by the sunlight. The powerful UV rays of the sun can fade delicate fabrics or materials causing potentially high replacement cost or earlier wear andtear on the affected items. Double Glazing reduces the amount of UV radiation that gets into the home, thus drastically reducing these affects. The insulation provided by double glazing also can stop materials expanding and contracting due to the lower fluctuations in internal temperatures. You can also take this a step further by considering glazing that is specifically designed to block UV as well. Something to consider if you have expensive furniture, that is difficult to replace.
Double Glazing can also help to reduce your impact on the environment. As has been very well – documented the last century human beings have experienced incredible growth and development at a rate never seen before on planet earth. Being able to reduce your energy consumption due to the insulation benefit provide by double glazing is by a natural extension better and more Eco -friendly.In winter when you have the heating on do you notice in the morning moisture on your windows? Sometimes even leading to mould throughout the winter months? These droplets appear because the windows are cooler than the air inside the property. This leads to moisture on glazing. With double glazing the internal pane temperature is closer to the temperature inside the home hereby avoiding condensation. If condensation is a consideration for you and your home also be sure to specify you require your double glazing to be argon filled. This also stops condensation happening between the panes of glass as well.Aluminum frames can corrode either by lime leaching from mortar (from rushed construction) or by the salts in the air. With Climateframes UPVC double glazed frame you can be sure of easy maintenance UPVC does not corrode, it is also very easy to wash. Chat with Climateframe Double Glazing today to discuss the best and easiest methods to clean double glazing and frames.The last but not least benefit of double glazing is its looks. Double Glazing is an absolute head turner for those nosey parkers in your neighbourhood. As glazing is always about a third of the exterior of your home, design choices and aesthetics are incredibly important. Double Glazing matches all the architectural profiles and can be fitted without compromising on the design integrity of the originals. This is a real art of the design and manufacturing of your double glazing, and should definitely be discussed with experts. Climateframe Double Glazing is an expert when it comes to design interior or exterior and can help to ensure you get that head turn from the neighbours for sure.